About Me

Clear and creative writing backed by many years of professional experience. And coffee.

About Me

Writing is my superpower.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I grew up with lots of pens and paper.

I wrote my way through school, down the freelance funnel, up the corporate ladder – and here I am today, writing and directing all sorts of verbal brand strategy.

What do you need? 

I have written for small businesses to major conglomerates. They all wanted a writer. What they got in me was a voice.

A Pro Writer Can Solve Many Challenges

How many business problems can be fixed by hiring a great wordsmith?

  1. Your website copy is weak and fails to connect with visitors.
  2. Your company’s annual report is filled with jargon and hard-to-digest information.
  3. You’re a thought-leader who wants a hit speech.
  4. You need smart marketing copy that makes customers want to buy your product.
  5. You’re fundraising but failing to engage people with broad minds and open wallets.
  6. You’re a start-up that needs creative lead-magnets that actually work.
  7. You need a great corporate video that doesn’t bore people to death.

I can help you. Hire me.

Why Good Writing Matters and How I Can Help

It’s the information age, baby. People live and die by clear, fast, and truthful information.

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, you need to be speaking clearly to your audience in a way that engages, informs, and provides lots of value.

If your copy fails to connect, your readers will simply lose interest and move on.

This could lead to a loss in profit and patronage.

You don’t want that. You want to keep winning. I have the expertise and experience to help you with the right words and the right time.

I’ve written web copy, annual reports, corporate videos, brand identities, an in-flight safety video, and countless social media posts. I’ve lectured on the importance of good copy

So, do yourself a favor. Don’t settle for copy that sounds ok. Set your sights on actually going places.

Other people's kind words

I’ve made a few people happy through the years.

Creative. Left field. Fun! Dan writes with personality but is also clear, dynamic and spot on when it comes to capturing our voice and message.
One of the things that makes Dan unique is his ability to work on so many different aspects of creative work at any given time. He is also a very nice guy and a lot of fun to work with.
Dan's work blends the strategic and creative.
You’re a favorite here… they’re raving about your copy.