Writer. Artist. Speaker. Creative director at Brevo. Proprietor of The Rave. Father of four. Husband of one.

Daniel  Abbey - writer, artist, speaker, creative director, another dude with some rants and reviews

Welcome to my little space for rants and reviews.

So, what’s to know? I was an extra in a Bourne film. I dig Kevin Max. I’ve never been all that fit.

I can recite Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers pretty well.

Rebus Sketches is something else I do, usually when I’m bored. It’s a collection of, uh, rebus sketches (visual puzzles). Try guessing a few.

I’m thinking of getting a dog because my children all want one although honestly, why not just a goldfish? Low maintenance.

Although if I was to buy a dog, I’m thinking either a Boxer, Beagle, or Golden Retriever. Thoughts?

I love progressive metal. Opeth is probably my favorite band; however, I’ve yet to see them live in concert. Incubus I’ve seen twice. The Corrs, once.

I have a book collection I’ll never get to fully read. Can’t stop buying books though. It’s an incurable but pleasant addiction.

My wife and I try to practice no-waste living at home. The first few months were brutal. Learning how to segregate, clean, and collect our garbage was like learning how to ride a bike backwards; awkward, and not the most compelling experience. Now it’s just normal. We reduce, reuse, refuse, and recycle. When our food waste is pickled and ready for burying in the backyard, I dig a hole at night when it’s cooler, and imagine the neighbors peering through their windows, thinking I’m disposing a corpse.

I met my wife over the internet, before smartphones, dating apps, Facebook even. I’ll tell that story one day. She’s sorta vegan. I am a rabid carnivore.

Anyhoo, like I said, just rants and reviews here. When I finally write a book or do something unimaginable like go to the gym, I’ll let you know.