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The Perfect Christmas Greeting

How many real, physical Christmas cards do you think you’ll get in the mail this year? Most of us will receive a handful, if we’re lucky. Such is life in the internet age. We’re so wired in and digitally connected … Continue reading

05. December 2015 by dan
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Ricky Gervais On How He Learned To Write

Gervais comes from Reading (pronounced “redding”) which is just a few miles from where I grew up. I imagine he went to a junior school not unlike mine. I can almost see his teacher, handing out papers and giving advice. … Continue reading

01. October 2013 by dan
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I saw this great video over at David Airey’s blog and had to repost. Whether you’re employed or run your own creative outfit, there’s something in here for every creative person. 000000

25. July 2013 by dan
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