The Perfect Christmas Greeting


How many real, physical Christmas cards do you think you’ll get in the mail this year?

Most of us will receive a handful, if we’re lucky. Such is life in the internet age. We’re so wired in and digitally connected that Christmas cards are practically irrelevant. Why buy/write/post a card when it’s much easier to send an image of a smiling dog wearing a photoshopped Christmas hat to all your friends on Facebook?

When I was a kid growing up in the UK, we’d receive loads of Christmas cards from family and friends.

Most of them featured idyllic winter landscapes on the cover. Crisp layers of snow being trampled underfoot by horses drawing Victorian carriages. Children building snowmen outside an English cottage, bathed in the warm glow of the kitchen windows. Families in front of a crackling hearth, warming themselves with fire and hot chocolate.

Mum and dad would open the cards and read both the standard-issue Hallmark poetry and the handwritten notes inside. Yep, pen and ink!

“Have a fab Christmas!”

“We miss you!”

“x x x x x”

We’d place the cards on top of the fireplace or maybe stick them to the dining room wall where they’d become part of the Christmas decorations. I mainly took them for granted. But they remind me now that someone took the time to buy a card, write a message, and send it through the post. That they cared enough to remember and wish us well.

I say we send Christmas cards again.

Because a physical card is a beautiful thing.

Because receiving real mail in a digital era is like winning the lottery.

Because heartfelt handwritten words can warm the heart and cheer the soul.

I’m gonna start with some family and friends – maybe an acquaintance who’s least expecting it!

Here are my tips for writing the perfect Christmas greeting:

  • Keep it short.
  • Handwrite it.
  • Recall a great memory you have of your recipient, preferably in the last year.
  • Say how much you appreciate him or her. Declare your love if you must.
  • Write the date.
  • Sign it.
  • Send it.

Christmas magic is made of such.

Photo by Mike Brand under Creative Commons.

05. December 2015 by dan
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  1. Glad you did this, Dan. Been planning to send some cards to old friends, too. Well, I just miss doing that and reading them once again. You’re right…nothing like a physical card.

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