On The Job: Murder, Mentorship, Mayhem

This interview is now sponsored by The Rave and available to read here.

10. September 2013 by dan
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  1. Looking forward to seeing this film. Great review Dan! Not just well-written, but very much unbiased. Appreciative but pointing out points that can still be improved. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Ok I’m watching this. Sold.

  3. I will be on the look out for this film, don’t know if it’ll be shown here in the UK though. Nevertheless, it seems to be worth watching on the screen of my tele for a tagalog movie, haha – I still have a few tagalog movies on my guilty pleasures list.

    Great review, solid writing and sayang, nobody’s paid you to write this :(. Keep it up dude. Love your words and passion.

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