The Perfect Christmas Greeting


How many real, physical Christmas cards do you think you’ll get in the mail this year?

Most of us will receive a handful, if we’re lucky. Such is life in the internet age. We’re so wired in and digitally connected that Christmas cards are practically irrelevant. Why buy/write/post a card when it’s much easier to send an image of a smiling dog wearing a photoshopped Christmas hat to all your friends on Facebook?

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05. December 2015 by dan
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Beards, Glasses, TV, and Autism: 2013 or The Year That Was

I write this with a clogged nose, aching shoulder, and virtually no sleep. Such is the price of a busy Christmas and New Year. That almost every person I interacted with over December had a bright red nose couldn’t have helped either. Does Rudolph suffer a bad cold every Christmas? He can’t be happy shooting through the frigid sky at a million miles per hour and I wouldn’t want to be the reindeer strapped next to him.

That said, my hopes of not getting sick and losing the ability to taste good food were largely met with success. It’s just that on New Year’s Eve the entire family succumbed to the sniffles, which is a weak word but better than saying “projectile snot blowing”.

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07. January 2014 by dan
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Ricky Gervais On How He Learned To Write

Gervais comes from Reading (pronounced “redding”) which is just a few miles from where I grew up. I imagine he went to a junior school not unlike mine. I can almost see his teacher, handing out papers and giving advice. I had two teachers like that and they both influenced my writing in big ways. I’m forever grateful.

01. October 2013 by dan
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Writing Wisdom from George R.R. Martin


Read 13 Lessons George R.R. Martin Has Taught Us About Writing over at Buzzfeed.

28. September 2013 by dan
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Interview with an Artist: Gel Jamlang

This interview is now sponsored by The Rave and available to read here.

26. September 2013 by dan
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